What does a stone mason do!
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Not just in gravestones dudley and headstones stourbridge, but around the world, a stone mason’s job is looked to be tough and scary. It requires immense hard work and expertise to carve and craft stones into beautiful sculptures and memorials. There are actually three types of stone masons found everywhere:

1. Banker masonry

He is the one who carves stones into shapes and sizes as required by the customers for different purposes.

2. Fixer masonry

The job of this stone mason is to fix the stones in building according to the building’s architecture.

3. Memorial mason

A memorial mason is responsible for carving the tom stones and statues of the deceased people.

In memorial Birmingham the stone mason does provide their services to the family of the deceased one at a n needs to provide them with the information that they want carved on the grave stone in nominal cost. The family just has to provide them with the information that they want to be carved on the gravestone. On the other if someone wants a statue made in loving memory of the departed soul, they can hire the services of stone masons in memorial Birmingham.

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